Honda Odyssey Owners Manual: Sliding the Second Row Outer Seats Outward

Honda Odyssey Owners Manual / Controls / Adjusting the Seats / Rear Seats / Sliding the Second Row Outer Seats Outward

1. Lower the head restraint to its lowest position.
2. Move the seat to its rearmost position.
3. Fold the seat-back down.
4. Pull the lock release lever, and lift the rear of the seat.
► To lift the seat, grab the handle under the rear side of the seat cushion.

5. With the front of the seat hooked to the floor, slide the seat laterally to the outer position until it stops.
6. Lower the seat and push the rear of the seat-back until it locks. Make sure the seat is latched before driving.

When the second row outer seats are in the original (center) position, passengers have easier access to the third row seats. When they are in the outer position, you can install two or three child seats in the second row seats.

    Removing a Second Row Outer Seat

    Removing the Second Row Center Seat*

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