Honda Odyssey Service Manual: Multi-Information Display Indication Pattern

NOTE: Some examples of indication patterns are shown.

When the door is opened and the power mode is OFF, the display alternates every 3 seconds.When the power mode is ACC, the display alternates in 3 seconds.When the power mode is ON.

Emergency Engine Stop Function

If you must stop the engine in an emergency situation, do either of the following:

  • Press and hold the engine start/stop button.

  • Press the engine start/stop button 2 times continuously.

    Power Mode Control Function

    Immobilizer Function, Keyless Buzzer Replacement

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    Honda Odyssey Service Manual > Keyless Security System: Keyless Access LF Antenna (Front Interior) Replacement
    Remove the front floor tray. Disconnect the 2P connector (A) from the front interior LF antenna (B). AB Remove the two bolts and front interior LF antenna. Install the antenna in the reverse order of removal. ...

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