Honda Odyssey Service Manual: Hydraulic Power Steering Fluid Leakage Inspection

Honda Odyssey Service Manual / Chassis / Steering / Hydraulic Power Steering Fluid Leakage Inspection

PUMP ASSEMBLYCheck for leaks at the pumpseal, and the inlet and outlet fittings.GEARBOX and VALVE BODY UNITCheck for leaks at the mating surfaceand flare nut connections.HOSES and LINESInspect hoses for damage, leaks, interference, and twisting.Inspect fluid lines for damage, rusting, and leaks.Check for leaks at hose and line joints, and the connections.

    Hydraulic Power Steering Hose, Line, and Pressure Switch Replacement

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    Raise and support the vehicle. Remove the rear wheels. Remove the brake pads. Using a micrometer (A), measure the brake disc/drum thickness at eight points, about 45 ° apart and 10 mm(0.39 in)   in from the outer edge of the brake disc/drum. Replace the brake disc/drum if the smallest mea ...

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