Honda Odyssey Service Manual: Windshield Replacement (With FCW/LDW)

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  • Wear eye protection while cutting the glass adhesive with piano wire.

  • Put on gloves to protect your hands.

  • Use seat covers to avoid damaging any surfaces.

  • Glass adhesive can be efficiently cut with a commercially available auto glass tool. See the tool manufacturer's instructions for details.

  1. Remove these items:

    • FCW/LDW camera unit

    • Rearview mirror

    • A-pillar upper/lower trims, both sides

    • Cowl cover

    • Windshield side trims, both sides

    • Roof moldings, both sides

  1. Remove the windshield molding (A) from the upper edge of the windshield (B). If necessary, cut the windshield molding with a utility knife.

  2. BAReplace.
  3. If the original windshield is to be reinstalled, make alignment marks across the windshield and the body with a grease pencil.

  4. Pull down the front area of the headliner.

    NOTE: Take care not to bend the headliner excessively, or you may crease or break it.

  5. Apply protective tape along the edge of the dashboard and the body. Make a hole with an awl or similar tool, through the rubber dam and the adhesive from inside the vehicle at a corner of the windshield. Push a piece of piano wire through the hole, and wrap each end around a piece of wood.

  1. With a helper on the outside, pull the piano wire (A) back and forth in a sawing motion. Hold the piano wire as close to the windshield (B) as possible to prevent damage to the body and the dashboard.
    Carefully cut through the rubber dam and the adhesive (C) around the entire windshield.

  2. ABC
    Rearview Mirror Replacement (With FCW/LDW)

    Cutting positions

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