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  • When working on electronic components, make sure the work area is clean and dust free.

  • Make sure your hands are clean and free of oils and grease.

  • The audio-navigation unit and HDD are mated and cannot be substituted separately. If you need to substitute a known-good unit for testing, substitute a complete known-good audio-navigation unit and HDD.

  • Static electricity can damage the HDD. Always follow proper handling procedures.

  • Always use the anti-static mat (ESD) and wrist strap when removing the HDD. Before you open the audio-navigation unit or handle the replacement HDD, attach the wrist strap around one of your wrists, and attach the alligator clip to the ESD mat.

  • Make sure you use the screws in the same holes. The HDD can be damaged if the wrong screws are used.

  • You do not have to peel off the plastic cover to remove the screws or the HDD.

  • Do not force the HDD. If it does not slide in smoothly, check the alignment of the HDD and the pins. If the pins are bent, replace the HDD.

  • Make sure the HDD screws are not loose. If they are, the HDD can be damaged.

  • Handle the HDD by its edges. Do not touch the pins.

  1. Remove the center middle panel.

  1. Remove the passenger's middle panel.

  1. Remove the center panel.

  1. Remove the center lower console.

  1. Remove the audio-navigation unit assembly.

    NOTE: Disconnect all the connectors when removing the audio-navigation unit to prevent damaging the HDD.

  1. Remove the bolts (A) and the passenger's side bracket (B).

  2. BAA5 x 0.8 mm 3.7 N
    Front HFL-ANC Microphone Removal/Installation

    Rear Controller and Screen Removal/Installation

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