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The driver's seat and the power mirrors have a memory feature. All the adjustments can be memorized by pressing the SET button on the driving position memory switch, and then pressing one of two position buttons within 5 seconds. Pressing the appropriate position button will move the seat and the mirrors, to the memorized positions.

Along with the seat and mirror settings, the power door lock settings will also be memorized based on which remote (Driver 1 or Driver 2) is used.

This system is integrated with the multiplex integrated control system, and has 9 wake-up and sleep modes. All digital signals are sent via shared B-CAN and UART communication lines. For more information about communication line and wake-up/sleep mode, refer to the Multiplex Integrated Control System Description.

Disconnecting the battery will cancel the memorized positions.

Memorizing a Seat and Mirror Position

Move the seat and the mirrors to the desired position. Turn the ignition switch to ON (II) or press the engine start/stop button to select the ON mode.

Press and hold the SET button on the driver's position memory switch. A single beep will be heard and both of the green LED will begin to flash. Press No. 1 or No. 2 to match the remote that is to be used. There will be two more beeps confirming that the seat and mirror have been memorized. The LED will remain lit, unless the seat and the mirrors are moved from the memorized position.

Memorized Position Recall with the Remotes

After the seat, and mirror positions have been memorized, the seat, and mirror will move to the position when the appropriate remote UNLOCK is pressed and the driver's door is opened. When the seat, and mirror move to the memorized position, the green LED corresponding with that remote will stay lit until the position is changed or the key is turned to LOCK (0) or power mode OFF.

UNLOCK BUTTONLOCK BUTTONKEYLESSTRANSMITTER(For driving position memoryand power door lock setting 1)(For driving position memoryand power door lock setting 2)

Power Seat Position Sensors

Each motor has a sensor that detects motor rotation and sends a pulse to the power seat control unit when the motor rotates. The control unit stores the number of pulses in its memory, and the seat position is memorized.

Power Mirror Position Sensors

By means of a tilt position sensor and swing position sensor, the power mirror control circuit in the power mirror control unit detects the voltage changes caused by the movements of the mirrors. These voltage changes are stored in memory, and the power mirror positions are memorized for each stored driving position.

Reverse Mirror Control

When the vehicle is shifted to R (shift lever in R) with the power mirror selector switch in Left (or Right) position, the driver's (or passenger's) side mirror tilts down automatically to help the driver's view. The mirror will return to the previous position when the shift lever is shifted out of R. The reverse mirror control is cancelled if the power mirror selector switch is in the center position.

Power Door Lock Settings

The power door lock setting are customizable by the customer according to their preferences (refer to the Owner's Manual under door locks for more details). These setting are controlled independently by remotes (Driver 1 and Driver 2).

    Driving Position Memory Switch Test/Replacement

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