Honda Odyssey Service Manual: HondaVAC

Basic Operation

This system is composed of the rear MICU, the HondaVAC switch, the HondaVAC motor, the HondaVAC motor relay, and the keyless buzzer.

The rear MICU controls the HondaVAC motor relay based upon one or more of the following conditions:

  • Vehicle ignition mode

  • Transmission range switch P position

  • Vehicle speed

  • HondaVAC switch ON/OFF position

  • Operating time of HondaVAC motor

  • Engine running condition

  • State of charge of the battery

Under certain conditions, the green LED indicator may come ON and the HondaVAC motor will either shut off or not start. In addition, the POWER SAVE indicator may turn on. See the chart below.

Power ON Indicator/POWER SAVE Indicator

Switch Appearance


Operation State


HondaVAC motor OFF


HondaVAC motor ON

  • The operating time is within 7 minutes without engine running

  • There in no time limit of the operating time with the engine running


Pattern 1

When the HondaVAC motor is actuated more than 7 minutes without the engine running


Pattern 2

Compulsory turn off under the following conditions:

  • When the HondaVAC motor is actuated continuously for 8 minutes without the engine running.

  • Under the following conditions with the engine running while the HondaVAC motor is actuated

    • The state of charge of the battery is decreased

Illuminated for
60 seconds


When the HondaVAC switch is pressed in the power mode ACCESSORY under the following conditions:

  • The state of charge of the battery is decreased

  • The HondaVAC motor is actuated continuously for 8 minutes

  • The shift lever is shifted out of P position

Illuminated for
5 seconds

Sound Pattern of the Buzzer

Pattern 1


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