Honda Odyssey Service Manual: Headlight Adjustment


Headlights become very hot during use; do not touch them or any attaching hardware immediately after they have been turned off.

Before adjusting the headlights:

  • Park the vehicle on a level surface.

  • Make sure the tire pressures are correct.

  • The driver or someone who weighs the same should sit in the driver's seat (or an equivalent amount of weight).

  • Unload the vehicle.

  1. Clean the outer lens so that you can see the center mark (A) of the headlights.

  2. A
  1. Park the vehicle so that the center mark of the headlight (A) is 7.5 m (24.6 ft) away from a wall or screen (B).

  2. B7.5 m (24.6 ft)A
  1. Measure the height of the headlight's center mark (A), then mark the same height of the headlights on the wall or screen (B) with masking tape in a straight, horizontal line (C).

  2. AABC
  1. Turn on the low beam headlights.

  1. To see if the headlights are adjusted properly, observe the beams of light projected on the wall or screen. The highest edge or ''cut line'' (A) of the headlights should be at the same height as the masking tape (B).

    NOTE: To help determine which headlight is out of adjustment, block one of the beams with a large piece of cardboard or equivalent, and observe the other beam on the wall or screen. Repeat this for the other headlight.

  2. AB
  1. If adjustment is necessary, open the hood and adjust the headlights by turning the vertical adjuster (A).

    NOTE: The R and L adjusters are not applicable for USA models. The headlights can only be adjusted up and down.

  2. With HID
    Without HID
    AWith HID
    AWithout HID
    HID Unit Replacement

    Headlight Leveling Control Unit Input Test/Replacement

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