Honda Odyssey Owners Manual: Multi-Information Display

The multi-information display shows the odometer, trip meter, outside temperature indicator, and other gauges.

It also displays important messages such as warnings and other helpful information.

■Switching the Display

Press the / (information) button or the SEL/RESET button to change the display.


Shows the total number of miles or kilometers that your vehicle has accumulated.

■Trip Meter

Shows the total number of miles or kilometers driven since the last reset. Meters A and B can be used to measure two separate trips.

■ Resetting a trip meter
To reset a trip meter, display it, then press and hold the SEL/RESET button. The trip meter is reset to 0.0.

Switch between trip meter A and trip meter B by pressing the SEL/RESET button.

■Average Fuel Economy

Shows the estimated average fuel economy of each trip meter in mpg or l/100 km.

The display is updated at set intervals. When a trip meter is reset, the average fuel economy is also reset.

You can change when to reset the average fuel economy.

■Instant Fuel Economy

Shows the instant fuel economy as a bar graph in mpg or l/100 km.


Shows the estimated distance you can travel on the remaining fuel. This distance is estimated from the fuel economy of your trips in the past.

■Elapsed Time

Shows the time elapsed since the last time Trip A or Trip B was reset.

■Average Speed

Shows the average speed in mph or km/h since the last time Trip A or Trip B was reset.

■Engine Oil Life

Shows the remaining oil life and Maintenance MinderTM.

■Outside Temperature

Shows the outside temperature in Fahrenheit (U.S.) or Celsius (Canada).

Adjusting the outside temperature display
Adjust the temperature reading up to ±5°F or ±3°C if the temperature reading seems incorrect.

The temperature sensor is in the front bumper.

Road heat and exhaust from another vehicle can affect the temperature reading when your vehicle speed is less than 19 mph (30 km/h).

It may take several minutes for the display to be updated after the temperature reading has stabilized.

Use the multi-information display's customized features to correct the temperature.

■Customized Features

Use the multi-information display to customize certain features.

■ How to customize
Select the CUSTOMIZE SETTINGS by pressing the / button while the ignition switch is in ON . Press the SEL/RESET button to change the display to the CHANGE SETTINGS.

To customize other features, press the / button.

Customization is possible when you see the driver’s ID (DRIVER 1 or DRIVER 2) on the CHANGE SETTINGS screen.

The driver’s ID indicates which remote transmitter you have used to unlock the driver’s door.

The customized settings are recalled every time you unlock the driver’s door with that remote.

When you customize settings: Shift to .

■ Customization flow

Press the / button.

■ List of customizable options

*1: Default Setting

■ Example of customization settings

The steps for changing the TRIP A RESET WITH REFUEL setting to ON are shown below. The default setting for TRIP A RESET WITH REFUEL is OFF.

1. Press and release / button until CUSTOMIZE SETTINGS appears on the display.
2. Press the SEL/RESET button.
►CHANGE SETTINGS appears on the display.

3. Press the SEL/RESET button to go into the METER SETUP group.
4. Press the SEL/RESET button again.
►LANGUAGE SELECTION appears first on the display.

5. Press the / button until TRIP A RESET WITH REFUEL appears on the display, then press the SEL/RESET button.
►The display switches to the SETUP screen, where you can select ON, OFF, or EXIT.

6. Press the / button and select ON, then press the SEL/RESET button.
►The ON setup screen appears, then the display returns to the customize item screen.

7. Press the / button until EXIT appears on the display, then press the SEL/ RESET button.
8. Repeat Step 7 until you return to the normal screen.

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