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NOTE: If replacing the side airbag after deployment, refer to Component Replacement/Inspection After Deployment   for a complete list of other parts that must also be replaced.


  1. Do the battery terminal disconnection procedure, then wait at least 3 minutes before starting work.

  1. Remove the front seat.

  1. From under the seat cushion, release the elastic strap from the seat cushion frame springs.

  1. Detach the clips (A) and the harness holders (B) of the side airbag harness from the seat cushion frame.

  2. AB
  3. Release the bottom hook, and unzip the seat-back cover.

  4. Turn over the seat-back cover/pad to gain access to the side airbag.

  1. Release airbag attachment wire B from the seat-back frame (A).

  2. BACDE
  3. Detach the clip (C). Pull out the side airbag harness in the seat-back cover, then remove the mounting nuts (D) and the side airbag (E).



  • If the side airbag lid is secured with tape, remove the tape.

  • Do not open the lid on the side airbag cover.

  • If you are replacing a deployed airbag, replace the attachment wire A and B.

  • Make sure that the seat-back cover/pad is installed properly. Improper installation may prevent proper deployment.

  • Be sure to install the harness so that they are not pinched or interfering with other parts.

  1. Place the side airbag (A) on the seat-back frame. Tighten the new mounting nuts (C) to the specified torque.

  2. ABDC6.3 N·m(0.64 kgf·m,4.6 lbf·ft)Replace.E
  3. Install airbag attachment wire B in the seat-back frame (D).

  4. Install the side airbag harness into the seat-back cover, then install the clip (E).

  5. Install the seat-back cover/pad in the reverse order of removal.

  6. Close the seat-back cover, and install the bottom hook.

  1. Install the clips (A) and the harness holders (B) of the side airbag harness to seat cushion frame.

  2. AB
  3. Install the elastic strap to the seat cushion frame springs.

  4. Install the front seat.

  5. Do the battery terminal reconnection procedure.

  6. Move the front seat and the seat-back through their full ranges of movement, making sure the harness are not pinched or interfering with other parts.

  7. Clear any DTCs with the HDS.

  8. After installing the side airbag, confirm proper system operation: Turn the ignition switch to ON (II), and check that the SRS indicator comes on for about 6 seconds and then goes off.

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