Honda Odyssey Service Manual: Ball Joint Boot Inspection/Replacement

Honda Odyssey Service Manual / Chassis / Suspension / Ball Joint Boot Inspection/Replacement

Special Tools Required

  • Clip Guide, 44 mm 07GAG-SD40700
  • Clip Guide, 41 mm 07974-SA50700

Front lower arm/Rear upper arm

  1. Check the ball joint boot for weakness, damage, cracks, and grease leaks.


    • If the ball joint boot is damaged and leaks grease, replace the appropriate part as an assembly.

    • If the ball joint boot is weak and crack, but does not leak grease, go to step 2. Replace the appropriate ball joint boot.

  1. Disconnect the appropriate ball joint connection, and remove the component including the ball joint:

    • The front lower arm.

    • The rear upper arm.

  1. Paint a alignment mark (A) in the center between the both boot clip end faces (B) on the appropriate part (C).

  2. ABC
  1. Remove the boot clip and the boot.

  1. Pack the interior and lip (A) of a new boot with grease. Keep the grease off of the boot-to-housing mating surfaces (B).

    NOTE: Use the grease that comes with the ball joint kit, or multi-purpose grease.

  2. BDCA??(Multipurpose)(Multipurpose)
  3. Pack fresh grease into the base (C). Do not let dirt or other foreign materials get into the boot.

  4. Install the boot on the ball joint, squeeze it gently to force out any air, then wipe the grease off the tapered portion of the ball joint pin (D).

  1. Adjust the clip guide with the adjusting bolt (A) until its base is just above the groove around (B) the bottom of the boot. Then slide the clip (C) over the clip guide and into position on the boot.

  2. 07974-SA50700 or 07GAG-SD40700ACB
  3. Align the center between the both end faces of the boot clip to alignment mark of the appropriate part.

  4. After installing a boot, wipe any grease off the exposed portion of the ball joint pin.

  5. Install all of the removed parts.


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