Honda Odyssey Owners Manual: Tucking away the One-Motion Third row magic Seat®

Honda Odyssey Owners Manual / Controls / Adjusting the Seats / Rear Seats / Tucking away the One-Motion Third row magic Seat®

1. Store the center seat belt first. Insert a key into the slot on the side of the anchor buckle.
2. Retract the seat belt into the holder on the ceiling.
3. Lower the head restraints to their lowest position.
4. The right and left halves can be tucked away separately. Pull either strap to release the front leg lock of the third row seat.
5. Continue pulling the strap to tuck the seat and strap away into the cargo area.

Remove any items from the cargo area before you tuck away the third row seat.

The instruction label is attached at the back of the third row seat-back.

When you tuck away one side of the third row seats and use the non-recessed part of the cargo area, make sure to secure the cargo. Loose items can fly forward and cause injury if you have to brake hard.

■ To return the seat to the upright position:

1. Grab the handle from outside.

Pull up the folded seat and pivot it forward.

2. The front leg automatically latches.

Pull the strap to put the seat-back(s) upright.

Make sure the seat is latched before driving.

    Removing the Second Row Center Seat*


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