Honda Odyssey Owners Manual: Removing the Second Row Center Seat*

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Your vehicle’s multi-functional second row center seat is removable.

1. Store the center seat belt first. Insert a key into the slot on the side of the anchor buckle.
2. Retract the seat belt into the holder on the ceiling.
3. Pull up the adjustment strap, and fold down the seat-back.
4. Pull the lock release strap under the seat cushion, and lift the rear of the seat.
► To lift the seat, hold the seat-back.
5. Pull the seat-back slightly, then pivot it upward.
► This unhooks the front of the seat from the floor.

Do not remove the seat while driving.

The multi-functional center seat can be used as the beverage holder when folded down.

To reinstall the seat, hook the front of the seat to the floor first. Pushing the rear of the seat-back locks the seat in place. Make sure the seat is latched before driving.

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