Honda Odyssey Service Manual: Front Door Glass and Regulator Replacement

Honda Odyssey Service Manual / Body / Glass & Windows / Window Control / Front Door Glass and Regulator Replacement

NOTE: Put on gloves to protect your hands.

  1. Remove these items:

    • Door panel

    • Inner handle

  1. Remove the plastic cover (A).

    1. Disconnect the door lock actuator/knob switch/key cylinder switch connector (B).

    1. Disconnect the power mirror connector (C), and detach the harness clips (D).

    1. Remove the plug caps (E).

    1. Pass the wire harnesses (F) and the cables (G) through the slits (H) in the plastic cover.

      NOTE: If the plastic cover is damaged or torn, replace it with a new one.


  1. Raise the glass (A) until you can see the bolts, then remove them. Carefully pull out the glass through the window slot.

    NOTE: Take care not to drop the glass inside the door.

  2. Fastener Locations? : Bolt, 2A6 x 1.0 mm9.4 N·m(0.96 kgf·m, 6.9 lbf·ft)
  1. Remove the regulator (A) through the hole in the door.

    1. Disconnect the connector (B).

    1. Remove the bolts (C), and loosen the bolts (D).

    1. Remove the nuts (E).

  2. Fastener LocationsC ? : Bolt, 2 (Black)D ? : Bolt, 2(Silver)DEBCCD6 x 1.0 mm9.4 N·m(0.96 kgf·m, 6.9 lbf·ft)E ? : Nut, 2EA6 x 1.0 mm9.4 N·m(0.96 kgf·m, 6.9 lbf·ft)
  1. If necessary, remove the power window motor.

  1. Install the glass and the regulator in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:

    • If the clips are damaged or stress-whitened, replace them with new ones.

    • Apply multipurpose grease to all the sliding surfaces of the regulator (A) and the power window motor (B) where shown.

    • Roll the glass up and down to make sure it moves freely without binding.

    • Make sure that there is no clearance between the glass and the glass run channel when the glass is closed.

    • Make sure each connector is plugged in properly.

    • Adjust the position of the glass as necessary.

    • Do the power window control unit reset.

    • Make sure the power door lock, the power window, and the power mirror operate properly.

    • When reinstalling the door panel, make sure the plastic cover on the door is installed properly and sealed around its outside perimeter to seal out water.

    • Push the clips into place securely.

    • Check for water leaks.

    • Test-drive the vehicle, and check for wind noise and rattles.

  2. AB???
    Rear Power Window Motor Replacement

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