Honda Odyssey Service Manual: Calibration

Although the compass is self-calibrating, it may need to be manually calibrated after exposure to a strong magnetic field. If the azimuth information is blinking and CAL is shown on the center display, do this to calibrate the compass:

  1. Start the engine.

  1. Make sure the center display is in the main screen of any function.

  1. Press and hold the ENTER on the center switch panel for about 5 seconds. The center display shows the Compass settings main menu.

  3. Rotate the interface dial to select the Calibration, and press the interface dial to enter the selection.

    NOTE: If necessary, press the BACK button to return to the previous display.

  1. The display shows the Calibration Start. Press the interface dial to start the calibration. The azimuth information blinks and the CAL indicator comes on.

  2. Drive the vehicle slowly in three complete circles (20 seconds or more per a circle). When the calibration is successfully completed, the compass display stops blinking and the CAL indicator goes off.


    • The audio system is not related to the electrical compass system. Even if the electrical compass system is calibrating, the display returns to the normal display which was last selected.

    • If the calibration fails, try another location (an open area away from buildings, power lines, other vehicles, and any other sources of strong magnetic fields) and do the calibration procedure again.

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