Honda Odyssey Service Manual: Passenger's Side

  1. Disconnect the roof wire harness connector (A) from the A-pillar.

  2. A
  1. From under the dash, disconnect the following connectors:

    • Dashboard wire harness connectors (A)

    • Right side wire harness connectors (B)

    • Audio wire harness connector (C)

    • Passenger's door wire harness connector (D)

    • Stereo amplifier connectors (E)

  1. Remove the special bolts (A) from outside the passenger's door.

    1. Loosen the special bolts until they disengage from the threads on the hanger beam side bracket (B), and engage the inside threads of the collar bolts (C). The thread lock on the special bolts makes the special bolts and the collar bolts turn together.

    1. Continue loosening the special bolts to turn the collar bolts into the fixed space adjusters (D) until the collar bolts engage the stops (E). This creates a gap (F) between the collar bolts and the body.

    1. Loosen the special bolts to disengage them from the collar bolts, then remove them.

  2. ABCDA8 x 1.25 mmEF
  1. Check that the collar bolts (A) are seated in the fixed space adjusters (B).

    1. Insert an 8 mm hex wrench in the collar bolt.

    1. Gently turn the wrench counterclockwise.

    1. If the wrench turns easily, continue turning until the collar bolt seats and engages the stop (C).

    1. If the wrench does not turn easily, the collar bolt is seated.

      NOTE: If either collar bolt was not seated, replace the special bolts.

  2. ABC
  1. From outside the driver's door, remove the driver's side bracket bolts (A, B, C).

  2. Fastener LocationsA ? : Bolt, 18 x 1.25 mm22 N·m(2.2 kgf·m, 16 lbf·ft)B ? : Bolt, 1ACBC ? : Bolt, 1
  1. Release the harness holder (A) from the air hose (B).

  2. ABCDD
  3. Lift up on the dashboard (C) to release it from the guide pins (D) on the body. Carefully remove the dashboard through the front door opening. Take care not to scratch the body with the collar bolts on the passenger's side.

    NOTE: Do not rest the dashboard on its center lower console opening, or it may be damaged. Lay it on its front or back.

  1. Install the dashboard in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:

    • If the clips are damaged or stress-whitened, replace them with new ones.

    • Make sure the dashboard fits onto the guide pins correctly.

    • Before tightening the bolts, make sure the wire harnesses are not pinched.

    • Make sure each connector is plugged in properly.

    • Push the clips and the hooks into place securely.

    • Make sure the collar bolts (A) turn easily by hand in the fixed space adjusters (B). Tighten the collar bolts by hand until they engage the stops (C) before reinstalling the dashboard.

    • Before reinstalling the dashboard, screw the special bolts (D) into the collar bolts, and check that they turn together. If they do not turn together, replace the special bolts.

    • After setting the dashboard in the body, reinstall all of the mounting bolts but do not tighten them. First tighten the driver's side bracket bolts to the specified torque. Next, tighten the special bolts. As you tighten the bolts, the collar bolts screw out of the fixed space adjuster until they contact the body. Continue tightening the special bolts to the specified torque.

    • After tightening the dashboard mounting bolts, tighten the center joint bracket mounting bolts.

    • Tighten all remaining mounting bolts to the specified torque.

    • If necessary, adjust the shift cable.

    • Do the battery terminal reconnection procedure.

    • Check for any DTCs that may have been set during repairs, and clear them.

  2. Special bolt tightening on passenger's side

    ABCD8 x 1.25 mm22 N·m(2.2 kgf·m, 16 lbf·ft)
    Middle Area

    Passenger's Dashboard Undercover Removal/Installation

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