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NOTE: If replacing the driver's airbag after deployment, refer to Component Replacement/Inspection After Deployment   for a complete list of other parts that must also be replaced.


  1. Do the battery terminal disconnection procedure, then wait at least 3 minutes before starting work.

  1. Remove the access panel (A) from the steering wheel, then disconnect the driver's airbag inflator 4P connector (B) on the cable reel harness.

  2. AB
  1. Remove the two TORX bolts (A) using a TORX T30   bit.

  2. AB
  3. Remove the driver's airbag (B).


NOTE: If you are replacing a deployed driver's airbag, inspect the cable reel for heat damage. If there is any damage, replace the cable reel.

  1. Place the driver's airbag (A) in the steering wheel, and tighten the new TORX bolts (B) to the specified torque, using a TORX T30 bit.

    NOTE: Make sure the clearance (C) between the steering wheel and horn pad is the specified value.

  2. B9.4 N·m (0.96 kgf·m, 6.9 lbf·ft)Replace.BA
    C2.0±0.5 mm(0.079±0.020 in)C2.0±0.5 mm(0.079±0.020 in)

  1. Connect the driver's airbag inflator 4P connector (A) on the cable reel harness, then install the access panel (B) on the steering wheel.

  2. BA
  3. Do the battery terminal reconnection procedure.

  4. Clear any DTCs with the HDS.

  5. After installing the driver's airbag, confirm proper system operation:

    • Turn the ignition switch to ON (II), and check that the SRS indicator comes on for about 6 seconds and then goes off.

    • Make sure the horn works properly.

    Disposal of Damaged Components

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