Honda Odyssey Service Manual: Front

Front Seat Recline Cover Removal/Installation

Special Tools Required

  • KTC Trim Tool Set SOJATP2014
  • *Available through the Honda Tool and Equipment Program; call 888-424-6857

SRS components are located in this area. Review the SRS component locations   and the precautions and procedures   before doing repairs or service.


  • Put on gloves to protect your hands.

  • Take care not to tear or damage the seat covers.

  • Use the appropriate tool from the KTC trim tool set to avoid damage when removing components.

  • The driver's seat is shown; the passenger's seat is similar.

  1. Remove the front seat.

  1. Remove the center cover (A).

    1. Remove the screw.

    1. Pull up the cover, then release the tabs (B) and the hook (C).

    1. If necessary, release the tab (D), then remove the upper center inner cover (E).

  2. Fastener Location? : Screw, 1EDABCB
  1. Remove the screw, and release the hook (A), the pin (B), and the tabs (C), then remove the front cover (D).

  2. Fastener Location? : Screw, 1DCCABC
  1. Remove the recline cover (A).

    1. Remove the screw, and detach the clip.

    1. Release the tabs (B).

    1. Pull up the cover to release the hook (C).

    1. Disconnect the power seat adjustment switch connector (D) and the lumbar support switch connector (E) (driver's seat).

    1. Remove the upper center inner cover (F).

    1. Remove the wire harness (G) from the hooks (H).

  2. Fastener Locations? : Screw, 1BCABDEHFG? : Clip, 1B
  1. Install the recline cover in the reverse order of removal, and push the clips, the hooks, and the tabs into place securely.

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