Honda Odyssey Owners Manual: Opening/Closing a Sliding Door

■ From outside
To open: Pull the door handle rearward and slide the door.
To close: Pull the door handle forward and slide the door.

■ From inside
To open: Grab the inner handle and pull it rearward. Slide the door.
To close: Grab the inner handle and pull it forward. Slide the door.

Once a door is fully opened, the door position is locked.

Do not step on the cover that stores the wiring for the sliding door. The wiring is likely to get damaged, causing the sliding door operation to malfunction.

If you try to open the sliding door with the window open more than 3 inch (8 cm), the door stops halfway. Close the door, close the window, and then open the door again.

While the fuel fill door is open, you cannot open the driver side sliding door. Operate the door after the fuel fill door is closed.

Models with power sliding doors

If you try to open the driver side power sliding door while the fuel fill door is open, the beeper sounds and the door stops.

    Precautions for Opening/Closing the Sliding Doors

    Opening/Closing the Power Sliding Doors

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