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The power sliding doors can be operated by pressing the power sliding door button on the remote transmitter, pressing the power sliding door switches on the dashboard or door pillars, or using the door handle.

The power sliding doors can be operated when:
• The sliding door main switch is in the ON position.
• The power sliding door is unlocked.
• The fuel fill door is closed (on the driver side sliding door only).
• The key is not in the ignition switch when using the remote transmitter.
• The shift lever is in , the brake pedal is depressed, or the parking brake is applied (with the ignition switch in ON ) when using the power sliding door switches on the dashboard.

If you move the shift lever out of P, and release the brake pedal and the parking brake: While opening – The sliding door stops and is left ajar.

While closing – The beeper sounds until the door closes.

Check that passengers, especially children, do not have their hands on the sliding doors or on the door pillars before its operation. If someone is caught in the opening or closing sliding door, it can cause serious injury.

Before replacing a rear tire, turn the power sliding door main switch to OFF.

Operate the power sliding doors only when the vehicle is at a complete stop. Make sure you apply the brake when rear passengers are boarding or exiting.

■ Switching between manual and automatic operations

Automatic operation: Select the ON position of the sliding door main switch.

Manual operation: Select the OFF position of the sliding door main switch

Do not turn the main switch off while the power sliding door is in operation on a slope. The power sliding door’s fail-safe mode activates and the beeper sounds continuously.

When the fail-safe mode is active, turn the main switch on and close the door automatically.

The following can deactivate the fail-safe mode and the sliding door may close by its own weight.

• Using the door handle
• Turning the main switch from ON to OFF

If you replace the battery or the power sliding door fuse while the door is open, the power sliding door may be disabled. The power sliding door resumes once you manually close the door.

Opening/Closing a Sliding Door

Power Sliding Door Switches

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