Honda Odyssey Owners Manual: Remote Control and Wireless Headphone Care

Honda Odyssey Owners Manual / Maintenance / Remote Control and Wireless Headphone Care

Models with Rear Entertainment System

Replacing the Battery


An improperly disposed of battery can damage the environment. Always confirm local regulations for battery disposal.

Replacement batteries are commercially available or at a dealer.

■Remote Control

If it takes several pushes on the remote control buttons to operate the rear entertainment system.

Battery type: BR3032

1. Remove the cover.
2. Make sure to replace the battery with the correct polarity.

■Wireless Headphone

If there is no sound coming from the wireless headphone, replace the battery.

Battery type: AAA

1. To open the cover, insert a coin in the slot and twist it slightly to pry the cover away from the earpiece.

2. Make sure to replace the battery with the correct polarity.

Heating and Cooling System*/Climate Control System* Maintenance

Dust and Pollen Filter

The heating and cooling system/climate control system is equipped with a dust and pollen filter that collects pollen, dust, and other debris in the air. The Maintenance MinderTM messages will let you know when to replace the filter.

We recommend that you replace the dust and pollen filter sooner when using your vehicle in areas with high concentrations of dust.

If the airflow from the heating and cooling system/ climate control system deteriorates noticeably, and the windows fog up easily, the filter may need to be replaced. Please contact a dealer for replacement.

    Remote Transmitter Care


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