Honda Odyssey Service Manual: Power Mode Control Function

The keyless access system has four power modes: OFF, ACC, ON, and START. The power modes can be changed by pressing the engine start/stop button. The power mode changes to START mode any time the engine start/stop button is pressed while also pressing the brake pedal.

  • OFF and START mode: Indicator (A) in the engine start/stop button is off.

  • ACC mode: Indicator in the engine start/stop button comes on green.

  • ON mode: Indicator in the engine start/stop button remains green when the engine is not running (If the engine is running, the indicator goes off).

NOTE: If the remote battery is dead, touch the switch with the remote. Then press the engine start/stop button to select the mode.

OFF MODEACC MODEON MODE: Press the engine start/stop button.: Press the engine start/stop button with the shift lever in any position other than P.: Shift to P position, then press the engine start/stop button.A
    Keyless Access Control Unit

    Multi-Information Display Indication Pattern

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