Honda Odyssey Service Manual: Keyless Access Control Unit

The keyless access control unit is located in the driver's side of the dashboard assembly. The control unit detects the remotes which allows access using the touch sensors in the outer door handles, and also allows the vehicle to operate using the one push start. The keyless access control unit can store up to 6 remote.
The control unit has a built-in the RF (Radio frequency) receiver, and receive the radio waves from the keyless remote.

Under-Dash Subrelay Box

The under-dash subrelay box has built-in the 4 relays, ACC relay, IG1A relay, IG1B relay, IG2 relay. The subrelay box changes the power modes, based upon signal from the keyless access control unit.

Touch Sensor and Lock Switches

The touch sensors and lock switches are built into the each door outer handles. To operate the door locks without the built-in key while carrying the remote, grip the door outer handle to unlock the doors and press the lock switch on the door outer handle to lock the doors.

LF (Low Frequency) Antennas

The front interior and rear LF antennas send the signals to the remote placed in the interior. The left sliding door outer handle, right sliding door outer handle, and rear bumper LF antennas send the signals to the keyless remote outside of the vehicle.

Engine Start/Stop Switch

The engine start/stop switch is located on the driver's side of dashboard assembly. The switch demand to change the power modes to the keyless access control unit by pressing the engine start/stop button.
The switch has a built-in immobilizer receiver, and enables to start the engine by touching the switch with the remote if the remote battery is dead.

Electric Steering Lock

The electric steering lock control unit is built into the electric steering lock, and it controls the steering lock motor. When the remote code is identified, the electric steering lock control unit unlocks the steering lock by controlling the steering lock motor.

Fail-Safe Function

The system has a fail-safe function. If any malfunction occurs, the keyless access system indicator, rotate wheel indicator, shift to park indicator, and the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) in the gauge come on.

Self-Diagnostic Function

The system also has a self-diagnostic function.

    Keyless Access System Description

    Power Mode Control Function

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