Honda Odyssey Service Manual: Keyless Security System

How the One Touch Starting System Circuit Works (Factory without Keyless Access)

One Touch Starting Power ControlHow the Circuit WorksThe One Touch Starting system sends the ignitionswitch start input to the PCM. When the PCM seesthis signal, it engages two cut relays to energizethe starter motor.The PCM keeps the starter motor engaged until:1) The engine starts.or2) The starter has run for a several seconds,but the engine did not start.(actual crank time varies with temperature).To provide redundancy, the starter circuitincludes two cut relays between the PCM andstarter. Both relays must close before the starterengages.Once engaged, the starter remains on evenif the ignition switch returns to position II (ON).To reduce overall electrical load, the IG2(Hot in ON) and accessory (ACC) power circuitsboth include a circuit cut relay. These relays arenormally closed, but open while the starter isengaged. If either cut relay fails, the engine startsbut some vehicle electrical systems oraccessories will not receive power.2012 American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Keyless Access LF Antenna (Front Interior) Replacement

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About Your Audio System On models with navigation system, see the Navigation System Manual for operation of the audio system, Bluetooth®HandsFreeLink®, and voice commands for these features. The audio system features AM/FM radio and the XM® Radio Service*. It can also play audio CDs, WMA/MP3/AAC ...

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