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Immobilizer Function

The vehicle is disables the vehicle unless a programmed remote is used.

This system consists of a transponder built into the remote, the engine start/stop switch (has a built-in receiver), the MICU (has a built-in imoes unit), an immobilizer indicator, and the PCM.

When the remote (programmed by the HDS) touching the engine start/stop switch and press the engine start/stop switch to select the ON mode, the keyless access control unit sends power to the transponder. The transponder then sends a coded signal back to the keyless access control unit, which then sends a coded signal to the PCM and the MICU (imoes unit). The PCM and MICU (imoes unit) identify this coded signal, then voltage is supplied to the fuel pump.

If the wrong remote is used or the code was not received or recognized by the units, the indicator flashes once, then it blinks until the OFF mode is selected by pressing the engine start/stop button. When the OFF mode is selected by pressing the engine start/stop button, the indicator blinks 10 times to signal that unit has reset correctly, then the indicator goes off.

Keyless Buzzer Replacement

  1. Remove the rear bumper.

  1. Disconnect the 3P connector (A) from the keyless buzzer (B).

  2. AB
  3. Remove the keyless buzzer.

  4. Install the buzzer in the reverse order of removal.

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