Honda Odyssey Service Manual: Second Row Seat Disassembly/Reassembly

Honda Odyssey Service Manual / Body / Seating / Seats / Rear / Second Row Seat Disassembly/Reassembly

Special Tools Required

  • KTC Trim Tool Set SOJATP2014
  • *Available through the Honda Tool and Equipment Program; call 888-424-6857


  • Put on gloves to protect your hands.

  • Take care not to tear or damage the seat covers.

  • Use the appropriate tool from the KTC trim tool set to avoid damage when removing components.

  • The left second row seat is shown; the right second row seat is similar.

  1. Remove the second row seat.

  1. Remove the second row seat recline cover.

  1. Remove the lock release knob (A).

    1. Remove the screws, then pull out the knob.

    1. Disconnect the outer lock release cable (B) and the inner lock release cable (C) from the knob.

  2. Fastener LocationsABC? : Screw, 2

  1. Disconnect the lock release cable (A) and the walk-out cable (B) from the seat-back frame.

  2. AB
  1. Remove the bolts (A, B), and pull out the walk-out cable (C), then separate the seat-back (D).

  2. Fastener LocationsCA ? : Bolt, 2B ? : Bolt, 1ADB8 x 1.25 mm 21 N·m (2.1 kgf·m, 15 lbf·ft)A10 x 1.25 mm 47 N·m (4.8 kgf·m, 35 lbf·ft)

  1. Remove the second row seat-back cover.

  1. Remove the second row seat cushion.

  1. Detach the clips, then remove the recline inner cover (A).

  2. Fastener LocationsA? : Clip, 2
  1. Release the hooks (A), then remove the slide adjuster end cap (B).

  2. AAB

  1. From the back of the seat riser, remove the screws (A, B)   and the dampers (C) on both sides.

  2. AAFastener LocationsA ? : Screw, 2B ? : Screw, 2CBBC
  1. Remove the rear riser cover (A) and front riser cover (B).

    1. Pull out rear side of the rear riser cover to detach the clip, then remove the rear riser cover with the front riser cover.

    1. Release the hooks (C), then separate the rear cover and the front cover.

  2. AFastener Location? : Clip, 1BCC

  1. If necessary, remove the lock release cables (A).

    1. Release the lock release cable fasteners (B), then disconnect the lock release cables.

    1. Release the wire ties (C).

    1. Pull out the cables from the seat frame.

  2. CBACA??
  1. Remove the nuts (A), then disassemble the seat cushion frame (B) and the seat riser frame (C).

  2. BFastener LocationsD ? : Bolt, 4G ? : Bolt, 38 x 1.25 mm21 N·m (2.1 kgf·m, 15 lbf·ft)DA ? : Nut, 68 x 1.25 mm21 N·m (2.1 kgf·m, 15 lbf·ft)AAAAACDCDEFAEDHGGGJI Replace.
  3. Remove the TORX bolts (D) with a TORX T40 bit, then disassemble the riser hooks (E) and the front member (F).

  4. Remove the bolts (G), then disassemble the connecting pipe (H).

  5. Release the push nuts (I), then remove the seat slide lever (J).

  1. Reassemble the second row seat in the reverse order of disassembly, and note these items:

    • If the clips are damaged or stress-whitened, replace them with new ones.

    • Push the clips and the hooks into place securely.

    • Make sure the cables are connected securely.

    Second Row Seat Cushion Cover Replacement

    Third Row

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