Honda Odyssey Service Manual: Front Lower Arm Removal/Installation

Honda Odyssey Service Manual / Chassis / Suspension / Front Lower Arm Removal/Installation

Special Tools Required

  • Ball Joint Thread Protector, 14 mm 071AF-SZNA100
  • Ball Joint Remover, 32 mm 07MAC-SL0A102


  1. Raise and support the vehicle.

  1. Remove the front wheel.

  1. With headlight leveling system: If removing the right side lower arm, disconnect the suspension stroke sensor from the lower arm.

  1. Remove the lock pin (A) from the lower arm ball joint, then remove the castle nut (B).

    NOTE: During installation, install the lock pin as shown after tightening the new castle nut.

  2. AB14 x 2.0 mm64-74 N·m(6.5-7.5 kgf·m,47-55 lbf·ft)Replace.07MAC-SL0A102071AF-SZNA100
  3. Disconnect the lower arm ball joint from the knuckle using the ball joint thread protector and the ball joint remover.


    • Be careful not to damage the ball joint boot when installing the remover.

    • Do not force or hammer on the lower arm, or pry between the lower arm and the knuckle. You could damage the ball joint.

  1. Remove the lower arm mounting bolts, then remove the lower arm (A) from the front subframe.

    NOTE: Use new lower arm mounting bolts during reassembly.

  2. A14 x 1.5 mm113 N·m(11.5 kgf·m, 83 lbf·ft)Replace.14 x 1.5 mm98 N·m(10.0 kgf·m, 72 lbf·ft)Replace.

  1. Install the lower arm in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:

    • First install all of the components, and lightly tighten the bolts and the nuts, then raise the suspension to load it with the vehicle's weight before fully tightening to the specified torque. Do not place the jack against the ball joint of the lower arm.

    • Be careful not to damage the ball joint boot when connecting the knuckle.

    • Before connecting the ball joint to the knuckle, degrease the threaded section and the tapered portion of the ball joint pin, the ball joint connecting hole, the threaded section and the mating surfaces of the castle nut.

    • Torque the castle nut to the lower torque specification, then tighten it only far enough to align the slot with the ball joint pin hole. Do not align the castle nut by loosening it.

    • Before installing the wheel, clean the mating surfaces between the brake disc and the inside of the wheel.

    • With headlight leveling system: If the right side lower arm was removed, reconnect the suspension stroke sensor.

  1. Check the wheel alignment, and adjust it if necessary.

  1. With headlight leveling system: If the right side lower arm was removed, do the headlight initial position learning procedure.


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