Honda Odyssey Service Manual: Keyless Access System Description

The keyless access system consists of the keyless access control unit, the under-dash subrelay box, the engine start/stop switch, the electric steering lock, the door outer handle touch sensors/door lock switches, the LF (low frequency) antennas, the keyless access indicator, the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL), the keyless buzzer, and the remote. The function of the system is to allow the driver keyless entry into the vehicle along with starting the engine without an ignition key.

Remote(Has a built-in transponder)PCMElectric steering lock(Has a built-in control unit)Under-dash subrelay boxMICU (Has a built-in imoes unit)(Built into the driver's under-dash fuse/relay box)Keyless access control unit(Has a built-in RF unit)Engine start/stop switch(Has a built-in receiver)

    Keyless Access LF Antenna (Rear Interior) Replacement

    Keyless Access Control Unit

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