Honda Odyssey Owners Manual: Remote Transmitter

Press the power sliding door button for more than one second to operate.

While the power sliding door is in operation, if you press the button that corresponds to that power sliding door, the beeper sounds and the operation stops.

If you press the same button again, the sliding door reverses its direction.

■ Customizing when to open the sliding doors
ANYTIME: The power sliding door unlocks and opens at the same time. This is the default setting.
WHEN UNLOCKED: The door opens unless the door is unlocked.

Models with multi-information display

Models without multi-information display

To change the setting, do the following:
1. Press and hold the CLOSE side of the switch on the dashboard until step 3.
2. Press and hold the button on the remote transmitter.
►Release the button when the LED on the remote flashes.
3. Release the dashboard switch.
►Follow steps one through three within 20 seconds.
4. Repeat the above procedure four times.

When you press the power sliding door button to open the door, the front door on the same side unlocks.

When you select WHEN UNLOCKED, you will hear three short beeps.

When you select ANY TIME, you will hear one long beep.

In WHEN UNLOCKED, trying to operate the power sliding door without unlocking the door triggers the beeper to sound.

Models without multi-information display

Before you start customizing,
• Turn the main switch to OFF.
• Turn the ignition switch to LOCK , and remove the key.
• Close and lock all doors.

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    Door Handles

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